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Activities on Lanai | Helicopter Tours

Helicopter Tours are a popular Activity on Lanai and a perfect choice when you’re looking for Things to do on Lanai with the whole family.

Helicopter Tours are a fun Activity on Lanai that gives you the chance to see the Island from a different perspective.

About Helicopter Tours:
It doesn’t take long after arriving to figure out that Lanai, like the other Hawaiian Islands, is beautiful. Many Things to do on Lanai, such as hiking and SCUBA diving, offer the chance to see the Island from a unique perspective. Another Activity on Lanai that offers this opportunity is Helicopter Tours.

You’ll enjoy a birds-eye-view of the Island, the water, and other Hawaiian Islands. The excitement of taking a helicopter ride is sure to be one of the most memorable parts of your visit. Lanai City Helicopter provides charter service to move wedding guests around, and to help people get from one Island to another. They also offer Helicopter Tours.

Imagine soaring over the lush Island landscape, getting a beautiful view of the City, and seeing the clear, blue water from high above.  It is easy to see why this Thing to do on Lanai is so popular. You’ll need to reserve your private tour in advance, so call the number below as you plan your visit the Island.

There are many Activities on Lanai that you don’t want to miss, and taking a Helicopter Tour is certainly one of them. Enjoy this fun Activity with the whole family and make memories that are sure to last a lifetime.

The Basics:

  • Call: Lanai City Helicopter Charters (866.806.24560)
  • Length: Start at 30 minutes
  • Cost: Starts at $150 per person    
  • Kid Friendly: Yes