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Lanai Activities | Hiking

Hiking on Lanai is a popular Lanai Activity. There are trails to suit a variety of fitness levels, so most visitors can enjoy this Lanai Thing to Do.

Hiking is a popular Lanai Thing to Do, and one of the top Lanai Hiking spots offers views of all of the Hawaiian Islands.

About Hiking on Lanai:
Hiking on Lanai is a fun Lanai Activity that the whole family can enjoy together. You’ll find hikes that take about 15 minutes and others that can take an entire day. Whatever type of hike you choose, you’ll be rewarded with stunning views of the Lanai landscape.

An example of a shorter hike is one that leads to you the cliffs overlooking Puu Pehe. This easy hike takes just about 15 minutes to complete, and it is very well worth the effort to enjoy the beautiful views. If you want a more intense Lanai Activity then consider hiking the very popular Munro Trail.

Munro Trail features 12.8 miles of trails. Many people choose to explore the Munro trail via bike or vehicle, but Hiking on Lanai’s Munro Trail remains one of the most popular ways to see the beautiful features of this Lanai Attraction.

Along the Munro Trail you will encounter dense rainforests, gorgeous canyon views, and more. One highlight of Hiking the Munro Trail is the chance to reach the top of Lanaihale, which is the highest point on Lanai. From this perch at 3,370 feet, you will be able to not only enjoy breathtaking views of Lanai but of neighboring Hawaiian Islands as well.

When you are looking for Lanai Things to Do, consider Lanai Hiking along the Munro Trail or another scenic spot on this beautiful Island.

The Basics:

  • Kid-Friendly Activity: Yes
  • Length: 30 minutes to full day hikes
  • Fitness level required: Depends on selected hike