Things to do on Lanai, Jeep Safari

Things to do on Lanai | Jeep Safari

A Jeep Safari is a fun Lanai Activity and one that lets you explore what is off the beaten path.

Looking for Things to do on Lanai? Consider a Jeep Safari. This Lanai Activity is a fun way to explore the Island.

About Lanai Jeep Safaris:
Lanai boasts some beautiful off road spots and trails such as the nearly 13-mile-long Munro Trail.  Sure hiking and biking are other ways to explore these areas, but if you’d rather sit than walk, a Jeep Safari is a great way to explore these parts of Lanai.

There are two ways to enjoy this Lanai Activity:

Rent a Jeep
Want to explore on your own? This is a perfect way to do it. You can rent a Jeep (or other off road vehicle) that is able to handle some of the terrain in the more remote parts of the Island. Explore at your leisure! Head to spots where you’ll find waterfalls, rainforests, and scenic views that go on for miles and miles.

Participate in a Guided Tour
Another way to take part in this Thing to do on Lanai is by booking a guided tour. You’ll pile into off road vehicles, and your knowledgeable guide will lead you to some of the most beautiful parts of the Island. This is a great choice for someone who just wants to enjoy the view without having to worry about navigation and other details.

No matter which option you choose, this fun Lanai Activity is sure to be a highlight of your visit. As you make your way down remote paths that many other visitors won’t see, you be able to see some of the Island as it has been for thousands of years – untouched and unspoiled.

As you plan your visit to Lanai, add this fun Thing to Do On Lanai to your itinerary.                                                                                         

The Basics:

  • Call Adventure Lanai Ecocentre at 808.565.7373
  • Kid-Friendly Activity: Yes
  • Length: Varies