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Lanai Things to Do | Surfing

Surfing is a top Activity on Lanai, and lessons are available so even novices can enjoy this Lanai Thing to Do.

When you think of Hawaii, surfing may be one of the first things that come to mind. When you’re looking for Activities on Lanai, consider trying to catch some waves.

About Lanai Surfing:
As is the case is all of the Hawaiian Islands, you don’t have to be an experienced surfer to enjoy this Lanai Thing to Do. Sure, Hawaii boasts some of the big waves that only top surfers should try to conquer, but there are also places where novice surfers can go to get their feet wet.

Surfing lessons are available on the Island, so your visit to Lanai could be the time that you first learn to stand on a board! Some people think it looks very difficult, but they are surprised to be out on the water, standing on their board, after only one lesson.

Even more experienced surfers take a lesson or two to improve their form and learn the tricks needed to catch even bigger waves. Whether you want to take lessons or just enjoy a day of surfing on your own, all of the equipment that you need can be rented on Lanai.

When you’re surrounded by ocean, it makes sense to find Lanai Things to Do that take advantage of that fact. Lanai Surfing is one way to spend time on the water while also, for many, trying something new. First timers shouldn’t be intimidated! Take a lesson, and you will soon be out on the water enjoying this exciting Activity on Lanai.

The Basics:

  • Kid-Friendly Activity: Yes
  • Lessons available: Yes
  • Equipment: Can be purchased or rented locally