Activities in Oahu, Learn to Paddleboard

Activities in Oahu | Learn to Paddleboard

Learning to paddleboard is a fun Honolulu Activity that the whole family can enjoy.

Learning to Paddleboard is a fun Honolulu Activity that will give you a chance to spend time on the water and enjoy the perfect Oahu weather.

About Learning to Paddleboard:
Did you ever see people paddleboarding and wish that you were coordinated enough to learn to enjoy that Activity on Oahu? The good news is that you are! Paddleboarding might look challenging, but the truth is that it’s quite simple, and most people can master this Honolulu Activity after just a quick lesson.

Similar Activities have been around for centuries, but modern day paddleboarding can be attributed, at least in part, to Duke Kahanamoku. While he was instructing his surfing students, he would often stand up on his board to get a better look and he’d use a paddle to steer. Waikiki is a perfect place to enjoy this Activity on Oahu.

Several local companies offer paddleboarding lessons, and you will be able to rent all of the equipment that you’ll need. You’ll learn basic paddle techniques as well as skills such as turning, building speed, catching waves, and paddle and leash. You will look like an expert after just a lesson or 2!

Some of the local businesses that offer paddleboarding lessons are Big Wave Dave Surf (808.386.4872), Kai Sallas’ Pro Surf School (808.343.9667), Hawaiian Surf Adventures (808.396.2324), and Surf HNL (808.772.4583). Each of these have qualified instructors that can help you learn to paddleboard in no time, so you can start enjoying this fun Honolulu Activity.

This Honolulu Activity gives you 1 more excuse to spend time at the beach. Enjoy the peaceful experience of being alone on your board, taking in the sights, sounds, and scents of the beach. Add this popular Activity in Oahu to your itinerary during your next visit.