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Oahu Activities | Glider Rides

Glider Rides are a popular Oahu Activity that let you take in the beauty of Oahu.

Looking for Things to do on Oahu? Take a Gilder Ride. You can even learn to fly it yourself!

About Glider Rides:
Gliders Rides are a fun Oahu Activity that gives visitors a chance to enjoy a birds-eye-view of Oahu. You’ll soar up to 3,000 above the gorgeous terrain, take in unforgettable views and, if you choose the pilot experience, take over the controls.

Several different flight experiences are available. The standard flight takes you above some of the Island’s most beautiful scenery.  This flight is a great choice for those who just want to enjoy the view. The aerobatic flights add a little bit of extra excitement as the pilot performs stunts and tricks that will take your breath away.

Another option is for those who like the feeling of being in control. You can actually learn to pilot the glider and soar through the air under your own power. One of the most popular options combines aspects of all three flights. When you choose the combo flight, you’ll enjoy the scenery, thrill to some aerobatics, and learn to take over the controls – all in one flight.

There are a few restrictions for taking part in this Oahu Activity including weight and age restrictions. Check with the tour company you select for details about these restrictions. This Thing to do on Oahu is accessible, and people with walkers and wheelchairs can participate.

Two of the local companies that offer glider flights are Mr. Bill (877.877.1222) and Honolulu Soaring (808.637.0207). Advance reservations are strongly recommended.

Photos of your experience are included with most packages, and videos can be taken upon request. Add this fun Oahu Activity to your itinerary during your next visit.