Oahu Things to Do, JetLev Flight

Oahu Things to Do | JetLev Flight

JetLev Flights are an exciting Oahu Activity that let you shoot up 30’ into the air on a stream of water.

Never heard of JetLev Flights? Once you enjoy this exciting Oahu Thing to Do, you’ll never be able to forget it!

About JetLev Flights:
JetLevs, sometimes called Jetpacks, provide a unique, exciting experience. This Oahu Activity is one that will have you flying 30 feet above the beautiful waters of Maunalua Bay.  Reserve your spot now for this popular Oahu Thing to Do.

There are so many ways to spend time at the beach during a visit to Oahu, but there is nothing like experiencing a JetLev Flight. You may have seen others shooting up into the air, and you might be surprised to know that after just a few minutes of instruction, you can do it, too.

Most people can participate, but there are a few requirements:

  • Must be at least 16 years old
  • Must be between 5’ and 7’ tall
  • Must weigh between 85 and 330 pounds

If you meet those requirements then you can take part in this Oahu Thing to Do. You’ll sit in on a safety lesson and then receive instruction on how to use the JetLev. A few minutes later, you’ll be in the air, high above the water. Your flight can be documented with photos and video, so you’ll be able to relive the moment, and show everyone back home.

If there is room, spectators are welcome to come along. Sometimes, the spectators decide to participate once they see how much fun everyone is having. This is fine as long as the session is not sold out.  While on-the-spot reservations are accepted, it is not uncommon for them to sell out, so it is best to reserve your spot in advance.Add this Oahu Thing to Do to your itinerary during your next visit to Oahu.