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Oahu Activities | Kayaking

Kayaking is a popular Oahu Thing to Do, and it is an Oahu Activity that the whole family can enjoy together.

When you’re looking for Oahu Things to Do it makes sense to look toward the sea. Sea Kayaking is a popular Oahu Activities that visitors of all ages can enjoy. 

About Oahu Kayaking:
Kayaking is always a fun adventure, but when you go Kayaking in the waters off of Oahu it’s a breathtakingly beautiful experience. No matter where you look, you’ll be surrounded by some of the most beautiful views on the planet. Add this Oahu Activity to your itinerary during your next visit.

Many tour companies offer kayaking adventures. Some of the popular choices are Holokai Kayak & Snorkel (808.781.4773), Twogood Kayaks (808.262.5656), and Shaka Kayaks (808.381.4121). These companies offer both kayak rentals and guided excursions. Bringing kids along? No problem! Bumper seats are available for younger children.

Some of the companies, such as Shaka Kayaks, offer kayaks with peekaboo bottoms. This means you can see what’s below your kayak. Enjoy lovely views of coral reefs, tropical fish, and even wrecks left behind after WWII.

No special training is required to enjoy this Oahu Activity. The tour operators will teach you everything you need to know to enjoy your kayaking adventure. All needed equipment is included, so you don’t need to worry about bringing anything except an appetite for adventure.

Oahu Kayaking is available on all of the Island’s shores, so consider more than one as the scenery will be different at each. Reserve your Oahu Kayaking adventure in advance, and get ready to see why Oahu is considered one of the most beautiful places on the planet.