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Oahu Helicopter Tours are a Honolulu Activity that let you see the Island in a whole new way.

Oahu Helicopter Tours are a great way to see the Island in a whole new way.

About Oahu Helicopter Tours:
Oahu Helicopter Tours are a Honolulu Activity that gives you a chance to see the gorgeous Island from another perspective. When you’re looking for Oahu Activities that will surely be 1 of the highlights of your trip, consider reserving a spot on a Helicopter Tour.

Oahu is beautiful no matter which angle you’re looking from, but there is something about the bird’s-eye view of the Island that is simply unforgettable. Being able to see the seemingly endless coastline, the picturesque waterfalls, the mountains, and the valleys gives a sense of the true beauty of Oahu in a way that is different than when you’re looking at it from the ground.

One of the popular Oahu Helicopter Tours is offered by Magnum Helicopter (877.255.8532).  The fact that their helicopter is a replica of the 1 from Magnum P.I. may be a bonus to some visitors, but that is not the main reason that their tour is so popular. It’s the lack of doors that makes so many visitors want to enjoy this Honolulu Activity with Magnum Helicopter.

Any Oahu Helicopter Tour will be a memorable experience, but when you fly in a helicopter with no doors, it takes the experience to another level. When you choose a helicopter with no doors, you’ll get a better view, but you’ll also feel the wind, take in the scent of the ocean, and really experience Oahu with all of your senses.

In addition to seeing the natural wonders of Oahu from the air, you’ll also see some of the popular and historic Attractions on Oahu such as the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial, the Dole Pineapple Maze, and the Battleship Missouri.

Visit Oahu? Book your Oahu Helicopter Tour and make memories that will last a lifetime.