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Honolulu Activities | Oahu Movie Location Tour

An Oahu Movie Location Tour is a Honolulu Activity that gives you the chance to see some of the locations you may recognize from movies and TV.

Oahu is a popular location choice for filmmakers who want to use the lush landscape and beautiful waters as the setting for their movie or TV show. Taking an Oahu Movie Location Tour is a Honolulu Activity that gives you the chance to explore some of these sites.

About Taking an Oahu Movie Location Tour:
If you watch movies then you have probably seen a shot of Oahu at some point. The Island has been used in dozens of films and TV shows for many years, and visiting these filming locations is a popular Oahu Activity.

Over the years, many movies have been made on Oahu including Raiders of the Lost Ark, Pearl Harbor, Jurassic Park, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It’s also been used in many hit TV Shows like Hawaii Five O, Magnum P.I. and the megahit LOST. Fans of these productions love the chance to visit the places they will recognize from the screen, and there are local companies that offer tours to these spots in comfortable, air conditioned vehicles.

Hummer Tours Hawaii (808.561.2440) and Adventures in Hawaii (877.678.7333) are 2 of the businesses that offer TV and movie tours. One stop on this Honolulu Activity is Kualoa Ranch. This absolutely gorgeous setting will be instantly recognizable for fans of Jurassic Park. Scenes from the

TV show LOST and the recent remake of Hawaii Five O were also shot at this location.

Tour prices vary by selected tours and other factors, and reservations should be made in advance. While the tour companies will be happy to accommodate same day reservations if they are able, it is not uncommon for the tours to be fully booked as this is a popular Honolulu Activity.

Add an Oahu Movie Location Tour to your list of can’t-miss Oahu Activities. Visiting the places you’ve seen in your favorite movies and TV shows is sure to be a highlight of your trip.