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Oahu Things to Do | Oahu Submarine Tours

Submarine Tours are a fun Activity in Oahu that lets you explore what lies beneath the ocean’s surface.

An Oahu Submarine Tour is an exciting Activity in Honolulu, and it is one that is sure to be a highlight of your stay.

About Oahu Submarine Tours:
An Oahu Submarine Tour is a fun Activity in Honolulu that the whole family can enjoy together.  Some of the most beautiful things to see during a visit to Oahu are found beneath the water’s surface. There are many ways to explore these waters, and an Oahu Submarine Tour is one that most visitors can enjoy.

SCUBA diving requires special training and gear, and not everyone is physically able to participate. The Oahu Submarine Tours offer another way to explore the depths with no special training required. Atlantic Submarine Tours take visitors 100 feet below the surface of the water for an exciting tour that will be the highlight of any visit to Oahu.

During this Activity in Honolulu you will see a variety of marine life from the comfort of the air-conditioned submarine. During your adventure you may see eels, turtles, rays, sharks, and much more. This Oahu Activity is unlike anything you’ve experienced before, and you’ll want to do it again and again.

You don’t have to be particularly physically fit to enjoy this Activity in Honolulu. You don’t even have to know how to swim! Just board the submarine, which has huge windows for great views, and get ready for an adventure that you will never forget.

Ticket prices start at $115 for adults and $45 for kids. Various tours and special offers are available, so check the Atlantis Submarine website as you plan your visit.