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Oahu Surfing is some of the best in the world. Add this Activity on Oahu to your list of can’t-miss things to do during your next visit.

Surfing is one of the most popular Activities in Oahu Whether you’ve never been surfing before or are a seasoned pro, there are beaches here to suit your skill level.

About Oahu Surfing:
When you’re looking for Honolulu Activities, surfing is certainly a great choice, but it’s also an Activity you can enjoy on any part of the Island. The best place to surf depends on your own skill level and the time of year, so read below to learn a bit about Surfing on Oahu.

When thinking of Hawaii, many people envision surfers catching huge waves while spectators sit in awe on the beach. This is an accurate picture, but it’s not always pros catching huge waves. Sometimes it’s beginners catching their very first wave.

Some of the world’s top surfers come to Oahu to compete in well-known Events such as Vans Triple Crown of Surfing.  This Event takes place each winter on the Island’s North Shore. The North Shore during the winter is NOT the place for beginners. The waves are so big that even some experienced surfers cannot handle them.

During the summer, however, there are much gentler waves at the North Shore, and the waters are more appropriate for beginning or intermediate surfers. Below is a list of some of the best beaches for surfing on both the South Shore and the North Shore. Again, which beaches are best for you will depend on the time of year you visit and your skill level.

South Shore
Sandy Beach

North Shore 
Waimea Bay
Turtle Bay

Surfing lessons are available throughout Oahu. Learn to catch your first wave or perfect your technique under the guidance of an experienced surfer. If you’re looking for Activities on Oahu then consider surfing in the beautiful waters off the shore.