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Honolulu Activities | Oahu Whale Watch Excursion

Oahu Whale Watches and Dolphin Watches are popular Honolulu Activities that the whole family will love.

Going on an Oahu Whale Watch or Dolphin excursion is a fun Honolulu Activity that will be a highlight of your visit to Oahu.

About Oahu Whale Watch Excursions:
Oahu Whale Watch Excursions are a fun Oahu Thing to Do that allows you to get a glimpse at some of the marine life that can be found off the coast of the Island. This Honolulu Activity will be a hit with the entire family, and it is sure to be a highlight of your visit.

Peak times for enjoying an Oahu Whale Watch is from December through May. This is when the pods of humpback whales can be found nearby. Other whales may be seen at other times of year, but this is the best time to enjoy this Activity. Some of the companies that offer Oahu Whale Watch excursions are Adventures in Hawaii (877.678.7333), Wild Side Specialty Tours (808.306.7273), and Dolphin Excursions Hawaii (808.239.5579.)

While the best Whale Watching near Oahu takes place from December through May, you can enjoy a dolphin watching excursion at any time of the year. There is nothing like watching these beautiful creatures frolic and play in their natural environment. Advance reservations are not required, but they are strongly recommended. During peak times, it is not unusual for tours to be booked completely, so reserve ahead of time so you can be sure you’ll get to enjoy this exciting Oahu Thing to Do.

Visitors of all ages will love the chance to spot humpback whales, dolphins and other marine life. You’ll spend a few hours on the beautiful water off of Oahu, and the knowledgeable guide will offer interesting information about Oahu and its marine life. Add this Honolulu Activity to your itinerary during your next visit to Oahu.