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Oahu Wreck Diving is an exciting Thing to do on Oahu for those who want to explore what lies beneath.

Wreck diving is an exciting Oahu Activity that gives you a look at some of the local treasures that have settled on the ocean’s floor. Make plans to enjoy this Thing to do on Oahu during your next visit.

About Oahu Wreck Diving:
Oahu Wreck Diving is 1 of the most amazing adventures you can have during a visit to the Island. The area is filled with many interesting wrecks to explore, and there are companies whose business it is to bring divers right to the best of them.

You’ll need to be SCUBA certified to participate in this Oahu Activity. Some of wrecks offer the chance for penetrations, and for some of those, you’ll also need to be wreck dive certified. Below are just a few of the many wreck sites that are located near Oahu.

This wreck site boasts lots of beautiful coral. The marine life is abundant, and divers say there is a very large turtle who doesn’t seemed fazed when the humans stop by to say hello. This wreck was purposely sunk in 1989. It rests at 97’, and has a gorgeous swim-through adorned with coral.

Sea Tiger Wreck
This spot for Oahu Wreck Diving has plenty of chances to penetration, but only those with proper experience should try it. This wreck is so big that it would be easy to get lost in it, so trying to go in without knowing what you’re doing could be very dangerous. The penetration points on this wreck, which sits at 120’, include the bridge, the cargo hold, and mid ship.

LCU – Landing Aircraft Utility
This wreck sits upside down at about 85’ and is encircled by an artificial reef. A stunning array of marine life spends time here including reef sharks, eels, and much more.

Corsair Airplane
Plane wrecks are rather rare, so divers get excited about the chance to explore this one. It sunk in 1946 when the pilot had mechanical issues and decided to ditch it. It sits at a depth of 107’ and is home to plenty of marine life. You can take a turn sitting in the cockpit, but it’s a good idea to check to make sure the seat isn’t otherwise occupied first.

Some of the companies that offer Oahu Wreck Diving tours are Living Ocean SCUBA (808.436.3483) and Island Divers (808.423.8222). There is also another way to enjoy this Thing to do in Oahu: A submarine tour. Those who want to see the wrecks, but cannot or prefer not to SCUBA dive can visit a wreck in the air conditioned comfort of a submarine. Call Atlantis Submarine (808.973.8911) for more information.

Visiting Oahu wreck sites and seeing the abundant marine life near these sites is an unforgettable Oahu Activity. Make plans to see these underwater Oahu Attractions during your next visit.