Things to do in Honolulu, Rent a Jet Ski

Things to do in Honolulu | Rent a Jet Ski

Rent a Jet Ski and enjoy zipping around the waters with this fun Oahu Activity.

Renting a Jet Ski is a popular Thing to do in Honolulu, and this Oahu Activity will be a highlight of your stay.

About Renting a Jet Ski:
You’ll find many Oahu Activities to enjoy on the water during your visit to the Island. One of the many popular choices is Renting a Jet Ski. Some think that you need to have prior experience on this type of craft, but there are local businesses that will be happy to teach you everything you need to know.

Even younger families can enjoy this Thing to do in Honolulu. While drivers of the Jet Ski must be at least 18 years old, younger visitors can ride on the back of a tandem Jet Ski, so no one needs to get left behind. Riding a Jet Ski is an exciting Activity that is a favorite of those who love to go fast, but it is also a way to zip around and explore the area.

Some of the many businesses that offer Jet Ski rental and lessons are H2O Sports (808.396.0100), Watercraft Connection (808.637.8006), and Jet Ski Rentals and Tours (808.377.6268.) Along with the lessons and rentals, some of these businesses also offer guided Jet Ski tours. The guides know the very best spots to go, so you won’t miss the best views while enjoying this Oahu Activity.

While not required, it is a very good idea to reserve your Jet Ski in advance. It is not uncommon for all of the Jet Skis to be in use during busy times, so booking yours ahead of time is a good idea. Some of the companies will let you make reservations online. For others it just takes a quick phone call.

Make plans to enjoy this exciting Oahu Activity during your next visit to Honolulu!