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Honolulu Activities | SCUBA Diving

SCUBA Diving is a fun Honolulu Activity that you can enjoy whether you’ve been diving for years, or you’re trying it for the very first time.

SCUBA Diving is a popular Honolulu Activity for both locals and guests. Enjoy the beauty beyond the shore with this fun Waikiki Activity. 

About SCUBA Diving:
SCUBA Diving on Oahu offers the chance to explore the gorgeous waters and encounter a variety of marine life including sea turtles, sharks, and many others.  A number of dive companies operate on Oahu, and there are adventures to suit every skill level.

Some of the popular dive operators on Oahu are Waikiki Dive Center (808.922.2121), Rainbow SCUBA (808.224.7857), Alex’s Aquatic Adventures (808.292.0616), and Dive Oahu (808.922.3483.) These companies offer diving in various locations, so you can enjoy a new adventure every time you dive.

For experienced divers, there are many options including wreck diving. Which wrecks you’ll have access to will depend on your level of certification. All who are SCUBA certified will have many dives from which to choose. You can even earn your SCUBA certification during your visit. Most of the companies that offer diving also offer certification courses.

What many are surprised to learn is that there is even an option for those who are not SCUBA certified and who don’t have time to earn their certification. The Discover SCUBA Diving adventure is perfect for the first-time diver.

Most dive companies are willing to take last minute reservations if they are not booked up. But because many dives will sell out, it’s good idea to call ahead to book your spot.  Add this Honolulu Activity to your list of Things to do on Oahu and explore the beauty of the Island – both onshore and off. SCUBA Diving on Oahu is sure to be a highlight of your stay.