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Oahu Things to Do | Surfing School

Attending a Surfing School is a fun Activity in Honolulu whether you’ve never surfed before or you just want to polish your technique.

Surfing is one of the top Oahu Things to Do, and you don’t have to have any experience to enjoy this fun Activity. Many Surfing Schools offer lessons, so you can take part in this fun Activity in Honolulu, the North Shore, or any of the other Oahu Beaches.

About Surfing Schools:
Some people watch pro surfers catching massive waves and think “I could never do that.” While leaving the biggest waves to the pros is a smart choice, just about anyone can learn how thrilling it is to catch a wave.  Often, you can be up on a board in just one lesson.

Amazingly, you don’t even have to know how to swim to take surfing lessons. How is this possible? Some companies offer lessons in shallow tidal pools, so you can learn the basics of surfing without ever venturing into deep water.

Some who enjoy this Oahu Thing to Do have never been on a surfboard before. For these beginners, the lessons can teach them everything they’ll need to know to catch their first wave. If you’re an intermediate or experienced surfer, you can still benefit by taking lessons. The instructors can help you perfect your form, and offer tips that will help you get to the next level.

Don’t worry about bringing your own board. The surf schools have everything you’ll need to get started. Some of the popular Surf Schools in Oahu are:

  • HansHedemann Surf School – 808.924.7772
  • North Shore Girls Surf School – 808.637.2977
  • Sunset Suzy – 808.780.6963
  • Hawaiian Fire Surf School – 808.737.3473

Attending a Surf School is a fun, exciting Activity in Oahu. Sign up for a class during your next visit to Oahu.