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Waikiki Activities | Take a Segway Tour

Taking a Segway Tour is a great way to explore Oahu. This Waikiki Activity can be enjoyed via a guided tour or you can explore on your own.

Explore Oahu by Taking a Segway Tour. This fun Waikiki Activity is a great way to explore the Island.

About Taking a Segway Tour:
There are many ways to explore Oahu, and taking a Segway Tour is 1 of the best. This Waikiki Activity lets you explore on your own or as part of a group tour, and is something that the family can do together during your stay on the beautiful Island.

Enjoy the impossibly perfect weather as you glide past popular Shopping destinations, visit some of the parks or explore Diamond Head. If you choose a guided tour then you can choose from tours that focus on history, nature, the downtown area, or another spot on Oahu. Some visitors who have never been on a Segway before like to start with an intro tour that goes over the basics of how to use the Segway. This isn’t required, but it helps some to feel more comfortable as they head out to enjoy this Oahu Thing to Do.

Segway of Hawaii (808.941.3151) and Discover Hawaii Tours (808.690.9050) are 2 of the local companies that offer this Waikiki Activity. In addition to the intro tour, several different options are available including:

  • Waikiki and Diamond Head
  • Magic Island
  • Kapiolani Park
  • Historic Downtown Honolulu

Another favorite is the Sunset to Diamond Head tour. You’ll enjoy gorgeous sunsets as you explore this iconic Oahu Attraction. While advance reservations are not required for this Waikiki Activity, it is a good idea to book your spot in advance as the tours can fill up, especially during peak times.

Take a Segway Tour and explore the beautiful Island of Oahu during your next visit.